Being an organist, I always enjoy listening to others play the instrument. I'm really known for jazz organ, but the fact is that I enjoy playing and listening to all styles of music that involve the organ. The gentleman that you are listening to here on this particular recording is one of my very favorite organists.
Alberto Marsico is a fantastic jazz organist, but here you hear him in another element, a rockish, bluesy kind of stuff, which I love a lot, and I've never heard anybody do it better than Alberto. 

Joey DeFrancesco, liner notes of “Soundsville – Blues for Alice in Wonderland”, 2007

 As if he invented the genre, Alberto Marsico, with Jack Mc Duff's and Jimmy Smith's intimations, reminds us how the blues should be played and digested... 

Jimmy Woode, liner notes of “Spirit of the Moment”, 1999

Organ Logistics - The “B” Side of the Fish

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